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    SC Formulation Plant Milling and Mixing System

    The SC formulation plant milling and mixing system is suitable for the material grinding in paint, coating, printing ink, farm chemical and other industries. Easy to operate, it has high efficiency and good reliability. The optimally designed dispersing disc makes the grinding media collide and rub intensely, thus obtaining materials with desirable fineness in a short period of time.

    Mode MYM15A MYM20A MYM30A MYM48A MYM60A
    Tank Volume (L) 15 20 30 48 60
    Motor power (KW) 11 18. 5 22 37 45
    Production Capacity (kg/h) 30-200 40-300 50-600 100-1000 150-1200
    Fineness (μm) 2-20
    Pump Type Diaphragm pump/Gear pump

    Due to the adoption of the dynamic separation technology, the grinding media and the slurry can be effectively separated. This enables our product to use ultrafine grinding medium (Φ0.5mm-Φ1.4mm), so the number of the beads can be increased geometrically. The specially designed separation device has a long lifespan and it almost needs no maintenance.

    As the formulating unit of the mechanical seal technology conditions for sand mill or bead mill, our company has configured an optimally designed mechanical seal for this milling and mixing system, enabling it to have high reliability and excellent abrasion resistance. Pollution to the ground material can be eliminated by adopting the cooling liquid compatible with the ground material.


    1. Pre-dispersion Tank
    2. Raw material Tank
    3. Sand Mill
    4. Filtering Tank
    5. Finished Product Tank

    6. Chilled Water Coming Out
    7. Circulating Water Tank
    8. Refrigerating Machine
    9. Circulating Pump
    10. Chilled Water Entering

    Our company is an experienced SC formulation plant milling and mixing system manufacturer in China. We also provide horizontal sand mill, stainless steel reactor, ultrasonic jet mill, pump using mechanical seal, and much more.

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