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    Vertical Wet Media Mill

    The SJM series vertical wet media mill consists of drive mechanism, screen housing, agitator, cylindrical grinding chamber and the frame. The agitator is mainly composed of shaft, impeller, grinding disc, washer and balance wheel. The jacket for the grinding chamber features forced circulation cooling.

    Flow pattern through the vertically configured agitator mill is from bottom to top. Via feeding pump, the mineral slurries are fed from the bottom into the grinding chamber which is filled with a certain amount of grinding media. Driven by the drive mechanism, the agitator rotates at a high speed. Depending on powerful stirring of the grinding disc, the grinding media will squeeze, impact, grind and shear the slurry intensely, grinding particles in it to the required end fineness. The finished slurry will be filtered, discharged and collected at the outlet.

    The vertical wet media mill combines the characteristics of grinding, scrubbing, sanding and tower milling equipment. It provides high efficiency, low noise, large handling capacity, easy operation and maintenance and many other advantages.
    1. In the vertical mill, materials with a feeding particle size of 200-300 meshes will be ground to 90%-98% < 2 μm (average grain diameter < 0.5um).
    2. It can not only carry out superfine grinding, but it also protects the crystallographic form of flaky minerals.
    3. Grinding wheels in the grinding chamber are made from wear resistant polymer materials or alloy materials with high hardness. This enables the equipment to run for longer time.
    4. Grinding media that the vertical media mill applies come with excellent abrasion resistance and scientific particle size ratio. During milling works, they will not generate iron pollution and thereby have no influence on the product whiteness.
    5. Wet milling in a continuous process ensures high automation.

    Technical Parameters
    Model SJM80 SJM180 SJM300 SJM500 SJM1000 SJM1800 SJM3600 SJM8000
    Power (kw) Agitator 22 37 75 132 160 200~220 315~355 800
    Main shaft speed (r/min) >300 >300 >300 >300 >300 >300 >300 >300
    Volume (L) 80 180 300 500 1000 1800 3600 8000
    Overall height (H) 2400 3400 3650 4550 5000 7900 7985 14500
    Feeding particle size (mesh) >325 >325 >325 >325 >325 >325 >325 >325
    Grinding fineness (d95) 1.0~8.0μm
    Capacity (T/h) 0.2~0.8 0.4~1.0 0.6~1.3 0.8~1.8 1.0~2.2 1.2~3.6 1.6~5.5 3.5~12.5
    Weight (T) 2 2.8 4.5 7.5 10 15 20 45
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